Commercial Pest Control Services in Apple Valley, Victorville and Hesperia, CA

For our commercial pest control service, Fieldtech Integrated Pest Solutions provides the latest technology on 3rd party audit type accounts, bar-coded devices, real time reports, client portal access, pest activity trending, facility Assessments and more. So, IPM services are conducted on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on auditor specifications. Moreover, we have 10 years experience on handling prestigious and demanding facilities on food, storage and beverage industry. Therefore, there are several places that require inspections from the following auditors:

  1. AIB International
  2. BRC - British Retail Consortium
  3. FDA - Food and Drug Administration
  4. FSSC
  5. NSF
  6. Silliker
  7. SQF - Safe Quality Food

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Continuous communication and education are one of the main keys that we provide to our customers in our reporting system, to obtain and achieve customer expectations.

Our Pest Prevention programs are have a modern design to eliminate and protect interior, exterior estructures, warehouses, buildings, etc. Moreover, following IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and EPA`s based programs, to prevent unnecessarily use of pesticides.

Most people hire a pest control company to control pests in and around their home and commercial building. Furthermore, When deciding for pest control professionals, ask about application techniques (chemical or non-chemical) that will be used. Although, this is especially important for people sensitive to certain pesticides.


Our Commercial Control service helps clients maintain pest-free facilities without the use of excess pesticides. Moreover, the focus is highly strategic and eco-friendly, eliminating existing pests and keeping new pests from entering with fewer products needed. Additionally, for any pest that's a threat, the treatments are specifically tailored to combat their presence. Finally, everything is custom-built to support companies' goals, all while helping facilities stay pest-free.

By utilizing an Integrated Pest Management approach, Fieldtech Integrated Pest Solutions develops a program that delivers long term solutions. So, by minimizing your time having to deal with pest control and maximizing pest free environments.