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by Kathy K. on

Fieldtech helped my with my pest issues like no other company, that I experienced they followed up until my problem was resolved. Really like the service and experience of Nelson, he explained to me exactly how the plan was going to be and followed 100%. Now I can enjoy my home without worrying about pesky pests, totally recommend this Company.

by Angela D. on

I had a major bed bug infestation thanks to my brother in law, he travels a lot and wasn't taking care of checking his luggage or the places where he was staying, in a matter of weeks my house was a complete mess. Found Fieldtech online request a free inspection, and that was the best decision ever made, they put the exterminator factor to my problem, resolved my issue and even after 1 week they came back to do another inspection to make sure I was pest free...! totally recommend this company.

by Steve Morales on

Fieldtech helped me with my rodent issue, explained the process and followed the plan all the way, in a matter days we now are pest free, can't be more grateful and my family also. We continue with a monthly program in order to prevent any bugs issues in the future, thank you again Nelson.

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