As a pest control professional, one should expect to get down and dirty on a daily basis. The job of the professional is to do exactly as its name states: to control or manage pests. Or, as described by the BLS: “Unwanted creatures that infest buildings or surrounding areas can pose serious risks to health and safety. Pest control workers remove these creatures from households, apartment buildings, places of businesses, and other structures, to protect people and maintain structural integrity.”
Businesses and homeowners may call on a pest control professional for any number of reasons, including the elimination of ants, bed-bugs, rodents, cockroaches, bats, birds, and management or removal of squirrels, opossums, and racoons.
Because the method of control or elimination is different for each pest, pest control workers have to be able to readily identify individual insects, rodents, birds, and wildlife; know their biology and habits; and understand proper techniques, in order to provide safe and effective control.
There are generally few requirements for attaining a job as a pest control worker; however, many companies prefer that applicants have completed a higher level of education.
This is partly because further training and education will be required, so hiring applicants with at least a high school background is beneficial for both the technician and the company. Job listings for these positions will generally include such requirements as well as any other prerequisites for employment.

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