One of the biggest issues encountered each year by property owners across California is the pest invasion. Having your home or office invaded by pests can cause a lot of distress, unnecessary headaches, and routine clean-ups. With pest control management you will be able to find a real solution for this problem, that often requires professional attention from experts.
The majority of pests are on the move looking for shelter from the cooler weather, food and a place for reproduction. Pests are invading homes all over California.
With changing weather conditions, rain and cool air play a large part in the invasion of pest activity in California. It is very important to catch signs of infestation such as:
  1. Live insects most likely found inside and between books and papers or within cracks and crevices of shelves.
  2. Insect remains, including whole carcasses, body parts and cast-skins, most likely found on window sills, within the spine of a book, or along the bottoms of books, as well as within cracks and crevices of shelves.
  3. Frass/Droppings, including black (roach) pellets, “poppy-seed” (termite) pellets, “saw-dust” (dermested or powder-post beetle) pellets, and suspicious piles of fine dust or powder.
  4. (Fresh) Holes/Tunnels in materials. A “fresh” hole is one which both continues from one page through the next page(s) and is accompanied by frass/droppings if not also live insects.
  5. Tracks. Some pests are usually sneaky enough to make their way around your home without leaving much evidence, but others may leave a clear path of tracks to follow.
  6. Odd sounds like scratching on the walls or small squeaks could mean unwanted guests are staying in your home.
  7. Nesting. When a critter discovers an excellent hiding place in your home, they may begin to construct a nest.
  8. Droppings from small pests invading your property can be found when checking other areas around your home.
Instead of settling with some extra guests in your home, learn about the signs of a pest invasion and call us in order to receive professional help.
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