Banning, CA is a great place for exploration and recreation thanks to nearby mountain ranges and proximity to major metro areas. Nestled into a valley, the city also has a mild climate that is not too hot and not too cold. But, perfect weather can have its shortcomings namely, pests. Pest Control in Banning California.

Pest Control in Banning California, the best option with FIeldtech IPS. The temperate weather in Banning, CA makes the city a great host for pests of all kinds year-round. That is why it is important to have pest control in Banning. While pest control is something that comes with owning a home, business, or property. Fieldtech IPS has you covered. From one-off operations to long-term pest prevention, we are experienced in putting pests in their place and out of yours. Keep your Banning, CA home free from disease-carrying, damage-causing pests with Fieldtech IPS. We are the best option to control pest in Banning, so these are the main pests that we exterminate in that area:


There is nothing savory about these fleas, they hatch from larva and feast on the fecal pellets of their adult forbearers until they enter the pupa stage, wherein they enter a pesticide-resistant cocoon, which can last up to six months or until they sense the presence of a hot-blooded body to chomp on. Then, when the moment’s right, they bust out of their cocoons as vicious blood suckers that scorn the likes of pets, cats and humans alike.

Odorous House Ants

Named for the gross, rotten smell they released when squashed, this species was prominent in the area until the Argentine ants displaced them. They are a little larger than the Argentines which did little to help them against their Napoleonic-statured adversaries. The fact that they do not bite or sting may also explain their displacement.

German Roaches

These are the smaller roaches that live in Southern California. In fact, German roaches are the most common roach in the USA. These roaches are tan or light brown and a mated pair can produce up to one million roaches. Also, given their elusive eating habits, it can be difficult to detect them in your home until they already have a sizable population. German roaches mainly feed on human food, but can survive for months on simple starches found in furniture glue and book bindings. Brown-banded roaches are less common and are easily identified by the pale brown bands that can be seen. Neither of these roaches bite or sting.

House Mouse

House mice are the most common commensal rodent in the world. With tiny eyes and big ears, they are far cuter than any rat, but don’t be fooled. These vermin contaminate food stores and are direct carriers of many human diseases. Plus, they like to get biz-ay, if you know what we mean. One female can have a litter of up to eight babies eight times each year. These rodents will only bite if threatened or confronted.

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